The Aristocats - Marie Que Sera Sera

Why, I hardly know, sir.
I've changed so much since this morning, you see...
I'm afraid I can't explain myself, you see, because I'm not myself, you know.
I can't put it any more clearly, sir,because it isn't clear to me.

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I would never go through my roommates stuff but I can’t say the same for my cat

I would never go through my roommates stuff but I can’t say the same for my cat


This will be remembered for years. Iconic.


This is how we do - Katy Perry , Official clip


This video is better than it deserves to be.

Kristis burpee soundtract


my mom meant to post a picture of her dog and posted a picture of a turkey insteadimage





No marriage required.

the entire time i spent watching this movie i was just waiting for charlotte to turn into a traitorous bitch, because that is what the media has told me for my entire life that her character archetype is supposed to do

kudos to disney for proving me wrong

Let me tell you how great Lottie is.
1. She has EVERYTHING. This girl can literally have anything she wants and instead of hanging out with girls of her social class she’s friends with a poor girl.
2. Not only is she below her social class but she is African American which back in the twenties was COMPLETELY frowned upon. Lottie is risking social status to be friends with Tia.
3. When Tia and Naveen end up together in the end, Lottie doesn’t throw a fit or act upset, she is genuinely happy that Tiana has found true love even though that’s all Lottie has ever wanted her whole life. Something that her daddy can’t buy for her.
4. She’s true to herself and doesn’t let others judge her just because of how much money she has and she has a wonderful friend like Tiana that loves her for that.
Lottie is wonderful.

my god you have no idea how much I love Lottie